Heavens And Paradises And Edens

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After Now!

Due to SO MAN Things HAPPENED TO Spiritual Females Of Ted! And NOT instances to NEAR instances And Non Spiritual Females Of Ted And to Heaven's Race Females Of Ted And Humans Race with NO Aging Curse ElseWhere and Humans Race Females Of Ted Of Ted INCLUDING Illegal Creation Tampering and Makes and fer sure SO MANY Clones from in ABOUT 2000 Space Ships Out Now and Before and After of Erigional Cherub Angels Of Light to Erigional Angels Of Light and Raiding From Ted and Taking from Ted and ReArranging From Ted and Robbery From Ted and Stealing From Ted and Theft From Ted and Physical and er Spiritual Rapes and MANY Other SO MANY PROBLEMS Ted happens NOW NOT to be much emphasizing Females Of People Fer Others Ratios and FER SURE NOT HOW MANY I WAS FER Angels and Angelos and Other Males of People Including Human Males INCLUDING WHAT DID TO Ted MANY ALSO Cut Offs FROM Ted of People of Humans In and On and Around WEVILD Earth therefore I NOW OUT TAKE PARADISE Music Video NOW ABOUT MANY Females Of People Fer a People Human Male and er these Ratios. After Ted NONE even a COVERING ANGEL IS TO HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL than LESS than a Percent Of Ted a fraction Of Ted! AT ANY POINT OF TIME Spiritual Females Of Ted! And NOT instances to HOW NEAR POSSIBLY IF HELPING Ted LEGALLY TO MAKE NEAR instances and Non Spiritual Females Fer Control and Other Things WITHOUT ANY Aging Curse to With Aging Curse Humans to Agean Females Of People! I AM NOT doing large ratios including of order to er LOWEST COMMONERS POSSIBLY have a wife if BLESSED TO HAVE BY Ted to NOTHING and CELIBATE SUPPOSE TO BE.

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Ted TRADITIONALLY NOW to TYPICALLY to STANDARD Reverse Chronological Erder. Therefore this NOW HAPPENS TO BE NOW HEADLINE NEWS And Er REPERT And Er STATUS And Er Other Things Many Other Things Was And Can Be And Is To Be NOT after Previous HAPPENS TO BE HOW Ted DOES IT!

September 29, 2016

Looks Levels Now Some a Start Of A Study of Females Of People Of Humans Looks Levels NOW!

Looks Levels Study

People Human Females

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Looks Levels Study – People Human Females – Page 22

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August 12, 2016

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