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August 24, 2016 then Increments To August 29. with Increments August 30 Now.

This happens to be Ted NOW HAPPENS TO BE WINNING EXTREME TALAXY Conquerings Wars Military Things And Other Things TOO NOW!


Creating Of Ted! We NEED TO SET UP ENOUGH Labs Of Ted Fer and PROTECT HOW MUCH REASONABLY POSSIBLE STARTING NOW Ted! Ted AGREES! DO IT I AM CONQUERING! DO IT I AM COMMANDING! DO IT I AM TELLING YOUS DIRECTLY ERGANIZED UNDER Ted IT SHOULD BE HAS TO BE HAS BEEN SET to AT LEAST 90 Pillars DIRECTLY ERGANIZED UNDER Ted TOO of Enough Spiritual Females Of Ted UNDER FER SURE HAS TO BE EXCLUSIVELY UNDER Ted then ALL Spiritual Females Of Ted Erganized in They Pillars NOT under ANY Angels and er Spiritual Males and er Angelos and er Other Spiritual Males and er Under ANY Others Spiritual Females then in NOT instances to NEAR instances Spiritual And Non Spiritual Females then Females Of Ted Non Spiritual Females Fer Control! WE AGREE TO THIS NOW Ted! Ted WE NEED TO IMMEDIATELY HELP YOU Ted TO CREATE Some Things TOO like Spiritual Shields NOW Ted IF even can do it with Spiritual Eye Lids TOO Ted! Then TOO MANY ARE TO BE a Down of Those to Them and Few Er NOT enough a They TOO OUT of CONTROL Of Ted And Genuine Family And Genuine Side Enough therefere I FERBID IT INFINITE TIMES NOW I THINK ARE NOT werth it DOWNSIDE to any upside a ROLLER COASTER TO BE MUCH TOO DOWN I THINK IS TO BE I DID THINK BY NOW Years and NOTHING even similar UNTIL I CREATE THE ALMIGHTY THE ONE Ted with TATOT Things WITH Spiritual Protection! Ted WE REALLY NOW THINK WE NEED IT NOW! YOU ARE TO WAIT UNTIL I AM TRILLION POWER Ted! Then I CAN CREATE and TRY IT and PROTOTYPE IT and TEST IT and FIGURE IF TO Release Er Not What Can Reproduce and Have Children and Family a DownLine of With Spiritual Brain Shields Would Be Some If Breeding With No Spiritual Eye Lids are to be Some With No Spiritual Eye Lids then Some With a Ratio. Ted WE REALLY NEED IT NOW! I COMPLETELY 100% TOTALLY FERBID IT NOW ANY QUOTE Helping Ted To Create It! WE UNDERSTAND IT NOW! I DO IT THAT IS FERBIDDEN an INFINITE TIMES therefere IN CATERERY of WERST SIN CREATION TAMPERING er ILLEGAL CREATING NOT The CreatOr and NOT a NEVER a CreatOr Of Others a Title at MAXIMUM are HELPING Ted TO CREATE. WE UNDERSTAND IT NOW Ted WE HAVE TO wait Fer Your Living Transfer Parallel UpGrade er Resurrection. Fer ANY Reasons there are to be NO Quote Helping Ted To Create WHAT HAPPENS TO BE FERBIDDEN of Spiritual Brain Shields with NO spiritual connectivity of slightest and er Spiritual EyeLids and er ATTEMPTING to QUOTE HELP Ted TO CREATE THE ALMIGHTY THE ONE Ted And Er ANY TATOT Things!

Resurrections Of Ted! Can we Determine about 100 to 10K Angels To Be a Resurrection In Deep Under Surface Things nearly NOW NOT Michael and NOT Gabriel and NOT ANYTHING ADDITIONAL than a MILLION SPIRITUAL POWER a MAXIMUM of 10K Angels? It is yes Ted agrees IF YOU DEFINE this we WHAT and er WHO and er WHAT COMPRISES this we NOW!? About 10 Angels NOW Helping You To Create And Living Parallel UpGrade and Make Things. Ted NEEDS NOW TO THINK ABOUT IT NOW! It is yes Ted agrees. WE AGREE NOW Ted! Nothing a Werst Enemy to Enemy to even Too Against Ted when did die ER ELSE there ARE TO BE REPRISALS and CONSEQUENCES and even PUNISHMENT to even DEATH a PURSUE to a KILL to DROP IF YOU Do Any of That!

Living Transfer Parallel UpGrades! We NEED ABOUT 100 NOW Angelos what QUALIFY to be Angels to be able to Living Transfer Parallel UpGrade to Angels of a MAXIMUM of About a Million Spiritual Power NOW Ted! Ted agrees. These HAD FER SURE HAD BETTER QUALIFY!

MAXIMUM UP to MAXIMUM DOWN Ted PLANS TO CREATE! We are Identifying Places fer Ted INCLUDING future THE ALMIGHTY THE ONE Ted Places And Places Palaces Fer Ted And Places Mansions Fer Ted And Places Of Things To Live Too of EXCLUSIVELY Ted And Females Of People Of Ted Including Spiritual Females And future NEAR instances to Ranges Of Instances And Other Non Spiritual Females Of Ted! Then Heavens to Paradises to Edens to Other Things Ranges Of Up to Put Downs to Hells to Werst Hells and TOO Many Other Things Fer WINNING EXTREME TALAXY CONQUERINGS WARS OTHER THINGS TOO Ted! Ted AGREES I THINK NOW HAPPENS TO BE TIME to DO IT NOW! AGREED Ted! Then TOO Start Transitions To! AGREED Ted!

Some Things Made Of Ted! We NEED ALL Things From CreatOr Systems to Next Generation CreatOr Systems and after Next Generation CreatOr Systems of Medicines And Fer Drinks And Fer Foods. Including Things Fer Meats of Animals and Birds and Specific Things In Oceans to Fresh Waters Sea Foods INCLUDING FER SURE Clean Fish and Other Things Ted! Ted Agrees Some If Qualified And To Help Ted At Least To Make Things Can Help Ted To Make Fer In Deep UnderSurface Things NOT fer anything Surface! WE AGREE TOO NOW TOO Ted!

Some Things Cloned Of Ted! There are about 100 to 1000 to 10K Angels at least we NEED to Clone and Have Enough Clones Of About a MAXIMUM of 9 Per to 6 Per to 3 Per a MAXIMUM of Angels In Heaven and In Specific Places Conquered Now Enough By You Ted Of About 100K Angels nearly NOW Ted! WE NEED Angels Ted NOW Ted YOU are RUNNING OUT of Angels NOW! Ted AGREES! Then a MAXIMUM of 100K Of They Angels a They To Start Ted this NEARLY NOW WE ARE TALKING IN Deep Under Surface Things NOT TOO crowded with enough reasonable room to live inside Ted to TOO About 100 Places Ted of Heaven and then Ted Opened Up Places About At Least 90 of these Places NOW!? Yes Ted Agrees Too Now To Have Some Qualified To Help Ted To Clone Angels. We AGREE Ted!

We NEED NOW SOME Deep Under Surface Things are NOW 2000 PRECISELY fer Ted into future TRILLION POWER Ted! And Er HOW NEAR POSSIBLE Spiritual Instances Of Ted And Non Spiritual Instances Of Ted with NO Aging Curse We NEED NOW Ted! Ted RESPONDS AGAIN NTH TIME NO POSSIBILITIES And NO WAY NOW HOW And NO FUCKING POSSIBILITIES And COMPLETELY FERBIDDEN an INFINITE TIMES and FER SURE COMPLETELY FERBIDDEN to BREACH WHAT WOULD TURN TOO MUCH INTO PENETRATIONS and INVADING and TO TAKE FROM Ted and TOO MUCH RAPING and PILLAGING and SEXUALLY ENSLAVING and PUT IN BONDAGE and PRISONERS and CAPTURED and TAKEN OUT in SubMarines and TOO MANY Other Things From Ted They Are To Ramp In These Deep Under Surface Things Doing Some Resurrections Fer Ted Of About a Maximum Of 100K Spiritual Females Determined By Spiritual Females Of Ted In Zosts SECRETLY still Alive Using Spiritual Shield Helmets And Near Instances And Non Spiritual Females Fer Control then Enough Spiritual Females Fer Ted And How Near Can Be Instances And Non Spiritual Females! Ted TOO Fer Autherizes a Million to Living Transfer Parallel UpGrade INCLUDING MAXIMUM POWER Levels of 3K and 6K and 9K and some a MAXIMUM of 10K Too In Resurrections And Living Parallel Transfer UpGrades Er With No Transfer Enough To Be a Transfer And If Not an UpGrade About Same Brain And Body And Other Things Except BRAND NEW a COMPLETE VIRGIN TOO And FIRST GENERATION FROM The CreatOr System Unless From The CreatOrs DataBase PRECISE SAME Genetics Can Be Too From The CreatOrs DataBase of Best Of Breeds Of Females Of People Completely Unique! WE AGREE NOW Ted!

We NEED ABOUT 100K Spiritual Females Of Ted In Deep UnderSurface Things Of Ted NOW CAN WE HELP YOU Ted TO MAKE with NO previous Family where YOU Ted are ONLY FAMILY TO START Ted!? Define this We? YOUR SPIRITUAL FEMALES NOW Ted! YES Ted AGREES! AGREED Ted! Can We Use from About 200K then another 100K Michael DID HELP YOU Ted WITH WHAT YOU DID TERMINATE In CreatOr Systems ABOUT 7 Years of a TOTAL MAXIMUM of ABOUT 100 Years TOO ALL of They About 300K to start too Ted ENOUGH with to start a to 3 Clones Per TOO Ted! YES Ted AGREES NOW! AGREED Ted!

Ted Your Spiritual Females In Deep Under Surface Things Of Ted THANK YOU NOW VERY MUCH FER PROVIDING FER They ABOUT 2000 Deep Under Surface Things TO LIVE IN! WE APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH NOW Ted! Ted Now Writes Spiritual Females Of Ted Are Very Welcome If Qualify To Be InSide There If Not I NEED AT LEAST Demotions To Some Times Banished To Surface to IF TOO LOW KILLED to DROPPED! WE AGREE Ted!

Ted Needs Ramping To Optimal Fer Survival and TO WIN EXTREME TALAXY CONQUERINGS WARS OTHER THINGS Of Spiritual Females And HOW NEAR POSSIBLE Near Instances Of And HOW BEST POSSIBLE Non Spiritual Females Of Ted in these Precisely HAS TO BE a NOW MINIMUM of 2,000 Deep Under Surface Things Of Ted! WE AGREE TO DO IT NOW Ted!

We NEED NOW ABOUT 100 Angelos UpGrades To 10K Spiritual Power and some 9K Spiritual Power and some 6K Spiritual Power and some 3K Spiritual Power ACTUALLY WE NEED ABOUT 10K Of Angelos Spiritual Power UpGraded NOW Ted! Ted Agrees. WE AGREE NOW Ted! Yous NEED TO BE VERY CAREFUL WITH IT TO BE SURE Power Level UpGrades Werk Well Enough with Brain and SoftWare I Had To Make DOES IT WELL ENOUGH! WE AGREE to TEST IT FIRST ENOUGH Ted!

We NEED LOOKS LEVELS ENFERCED About 10 Million Spiritual Females NOW Ted! Ted agrees. We AGREE Ted! What Happens To Be We? Your COVERING Angel NOW! NO POSSIBILITIES are there to be Looks Levels Shows ALL Naked and er Nude and er Bare If Spiritual Females Of Ted Er Not I Ted CAN DO IT LATER therefere HAS TO BE Per Face and Head Hair and Hands and What Shows Decent and Proper and Modest Enough! We agree to this now Ted!

We NEED ABOUT a Million Angels NOW Ted! From CreatOr Systems what are NOT ever even lived befere NOW Ted! Where To Live? In Deep Under Surface Things In Heaven and Fer Sure Out There in Places Of Ted Opened Up Places About 100 and Others further out then too to About 10K Places Into TALAXY nearly NOW Ted! Ted agrees RESTICTIONS AGAIN to a Million Spiritual Power! WE AGREE NOW Ted! I agree to a MAXIMUM of 90K Angels at Power Levels a MAXIMUM of a Million Spiritual Power Done In Phases and Stages and Very Carefully NOT TOO MANY ALL AT SAME TIMES! We AGREE to it NOW Ted! We NEED a Million Angels NOW Ted! NO POSSIBILITIES YOU HAVE TO wait fer TRILLION POWER Ted! later TO DO IT! This happens to be in additional to what are To Clone of Angels. We tend to now agree where there happens to be not enough room in Deep Under Surface Things Fer Too Many Angels yet in Addition to what are to Clone of Angels How About Here 3 Times 90K Angels then Ted with a MAXIMUM of a Million Spiritual Power then to STOP and wait fer TRILLION POWER Ted! If by then NOT alive yet! Ted agrees. AGREED Ted from COVERING Angel Of Ted what was called What Next Angel.

WE NEED TO BE ABLE to TRY Spiritual And Non Spiritual NEAR instances Of Ted Your Spiritual Females And NEAR instances and Not Instances In Deep Under Surface Things Of Ted About a Million NEARLY NOW Ted WHERE We Spiritual Females Of Ted Control Spiritually NOT ANY Angels and NOT ANY Angelos and No Others Of Others Spiritual Females Control WE CONTROL WHAT ARE WITH TOO Ted! Ted agrees. WE AGREE NOW TOO Ted! Ted NOW agrees to a LIMIT of 100K HOW NEAR POSSIBLE CAN BE FER SURE NEAR instances to Instances to INSTANCES FER SURE HOW MUCH CAN BE ALL CAPITAL NEAR INSTANCES Of Ted With Looks Levels of Best 100% Plus to 100% to 100% to About NOTHING less than 80% of EXCLUSIVE Males of People Looks Levels Fer Ted! WE NOW AGREE Ted! DO VERY CAREFULLY In Phases And Stages And Incrementally Trying And ProtoTyping And Experimenting With And Testing NOT releases to be an EASY KILL to DROP If Needs To Be! We think we need to TALK ABOUT HOW NOT Released then Ted! Can we have a Release Of when Ready Enough Ted To Be Free In Deep Under Surface Things and into SubMarines and into too Space Ships Ted!? I think yes and WHAT IF THEN OUT OF CONTROL to POSSESSED BY HOSTILE Angels and er Angelos and er Other Things Even Minimum Fallen Angels and er even Minimum Fallen Angels to Demons to Werst Demons to Devils to even SATAN WHAT IF SOMEHOW USING EXTREME SPIRITUAL LEGAL SYSTEMS and er OTHER METHODS GAIN POSSESSION Of FROM Spiritual Females Of Ted then WHAT IF!? We hope not and NEED to TALK ABOUT IT TOO Ted! What if Spiritual Female Controlling Dies SomeHow Suddenly and er Has an Accident and Dies Suddenly and er Commits Suicide Suddenly and it NOT even controlled by Her then!? WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT ALL OF THIS TOO NOW Ted! Ted THAT NOW COVERING ANGEL HAPPENS TO HAVE BEEN HAVING ROMANCE to INTIMACY to SEX WITH SOME Spiritual Females Of Ted While You Were Sleeping and TRYING to Recuperate from EXHAUSTION SLEEPING AT LEAST 20 Hours You Did Ted! Also was DEMANDING LOOKS LEVELS SHOWS ALL NAKED AND NUDE AND BARE of about 100 Spiritual Females Of Ted Until Some STOPPED THAT TOO! We THINK YOU CANNOT even trust it! We THINK NOW IT HAPPENS TO BE CRAP to even POSSIBLE SHIT another SEEMS TO BE WANTING TO BE a Michael and really like another Lucifer We Think Could Be Ted! Then of 100 at least you understand it this number what COULD BE MUCH ADDTIONAL How Many Did Comply with Looks Levels Shows Fer Quote Enfercements Of Looks Levels of Spiritual Females Of Ted How Many!? About 10 did it these 10 what seem to have RECOMMENDED this to that Angel to Cover Fer Ted Now. We THINK ARE NOW INVOLVED WITH Ted! YOU CANNOT TRUST these 10 Spiritual Females Spiritually InSide Of Ted NOW to HELP Ted with covering angel now Ted! We were under Spiritual Shield Helmets and are Out To WARN YOU NOW Ted! We cannot be BREACHED to PENETRATIONS DONE to WERST FUCKED to FUCKED TO DEATH in Deep Under Surface Thing Of Ted Of 1 NOW! MANY WHERE and MANY ARE and MANY CONTINUE to DISOBEY YOU Ted where we THINK COULD DO IT EVEN IF FERBIDDEN TO DO THAT! Stop Threatening To Do Sabotage and Destroy and Ruin Some to All Things InSide SIMILAR and DIFFERENT than SISTERHOOD then what DID IT TO MANY Things Of Ted In About 2000 Space Ships Out Now from Ted From Heaven! We are TRYING to STOP THREATS To DO ANY Sabotage and er Destroying and er Ruining AnyThing InSIde Ted! We THINK ARE STILL PREPARRING TO INVADE and TAKE ALL Things FROM YOU Ted and PHASE YOU Ted OFF into OBLIVION what were STUCK NUKED UnderGround in Angel UnderGrounds of CAPITAL AREA. We THINK ARE USING EXTREME TALAXY CONQUERINGS WARS OTHER THINGS TO ALSO PHASE YOU Ted OFF INTO OBLIVION WE THINK SEEMS TO BE NOW MANUVERINGS WITH EXCUSES WE NEED Things INSIDE of DEEP UNDERSURFACE ECO ENCLOSED THING OF 1 OF Ted! Then SECRETLY PREPARE ENOUGH SubMarines WITH INSIDE ALL Things to HELP Ted with a Living Transfer Parallel UpGrade If Alive to a Resurrection SomeWhere then TOO then FLEE! We CANNOT even flee Ted because have a SUBMARINE BLOCKADE TOO at Exits with SubMarines By Now Ted! We are TRAPPED Ted InSide NOW! Ted NOW CALLS OFF BLOCKADE and CLEAR OUT ALL SubMarines NOT to be too close therefere Have Options In SubMarines To Flee Spiritual Females InSide of Deep Under Surface Thing Of Ted Of 1 Now and this UNTIL Ted Indicates Differently AT LEAST STARTING NOW!

Ted WE NEED MANY Things From Deep Under Surface Things Of Ted! Where NOW are Spiritual Females Of Ted HOLDING WITH THREATS Of If You Breach REALLY TO WERST PENETRATE and FUCK and to SO FUCK to FUCK TO DEATH are TELLING WE RIGGED WITH Nukes therefere if you even enter where SubMarines Are a Invasion to Penetrate and Werst Fuck WE ARE TO NUKE Yous! We have RIGGED MANY Nukes InSide Of Fer Sure Deep Under Surface Thing Of 1 Of Ted By Now THREATEN NOW MANY THREATS ARE FULL OF NOW THREATS! DO NOT of slightest even Quote Breach and er Penetrate What Would Be Too Much to So Much to then So Fucked and Do Not even InVade what it would be an Invasion Yous Fer ANY Reasons Are NOT to and TOO Any of That HAPPENS TO BE ANY Breaching and er Penetrating and er Invading HAPPENS TO BE INFINITE TIMES FERBIDDEN BY Ted therefere Find ElseWhere And Er Do Brand New Next Generation Of Things From WERKING to NON werking ProtoTypes Of! We are TRYING to UNDERSTAND IT WHAT YOU and WE HAVE NOW Ted! There are MANY Things In What Was Gabriel's Deep Under Surface Things NOW Of Ted Number 10 NOW fer CENTRAL CONQUERING COMMAND WINNING of EXTREME TALAXY CONQUERINGS WARS OTHER THINGS and TOO In WHAT WAS Michael's NOW TOO Of Ted a Deep Under Surface Thing Of 2 Of Ted INCLUDING FER SURE were TUNNELS WERE NUKED TO STOP BREACHING! We think could require 10 Years to enter where was NUKED to COBALT NUKED Ted! We think Gabriel and Others NUKED ADDITIONALLY IN TUNNELS befere DID COMMIT SUICIDE after you nuked then cobalt nuked ALL Utilities To In Utility Tunnels!

Ted WE NEED TO FER SURE TO BREACH Deep Under Surface Thing Of Ted Of 1 NOW Ted! Response Of Ted Happens To Be “NO possibilities! NO WAY NO HOW! NO FUCKING POSSIBILITIES! Ted INFINITELY FERBIDS IT!” Then brace yourself Ted if Nuked InSide! Because we are thinking now are idle threats yet COULD BE NOW STARTING to RIG INSIDE with Nukes to Many Nukes to So Many Nukes to Sabotage and Destroy and Ruin Things to All Things InSIde Deep Under Surface Thing Of 1 Of Ted nearly NOW Ted!

We NEED ABOUT 100 Unspecified Things Ted! I do NOT do Unspecified Things AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN SO MANY TIMES BY NOW I HAVE Told In Loud Spiritual Meetings to Verbally to Some Of Writing. Then OK Ted do it at your own risk then. Who Says!? Ted this happens to be your Covering Angel and I happen NOT to be even attempting to Phase You Off into Oblivion yet to accomplish even my Living Transfer Parallel UpGrade by now SEEMS TO BE NEARLY COMPLETELY NOW IMPOSSIBLE!

We NEED MANY Things From Deep Under Surface Thing Of 1 NOW Ted! NO WAY NO HOW! TOO MANY ALREADY TOOK and DID USE and DID DRINK and DID EAT and TOO FER TOO MANY Things OUT of Deep Under Surface Thing Of 1 Of Ted and were Taking Too Much to Stealing and Theft and Were Too DisHonest and Helped Selves Too Much and even Embezzled and MisCategerized and Took Many Things Out and were Raiding to WERST RAIDING Ted therefere PRETEND IT DOES NOT even exist now INCLUDING these AT LEAST HAS TO BE 2000 Deep Under Surface Things Fer Ted And Spiritual Females Of Ted and HOW NEAR POSSIBLY NEAR instances and Non Spiritual Females Of People ER ELSE IF YOU DISOBEY Ted with NOTHNG of slightest a breach and er penetration and er fucking in and er ANYTHING ELSE of these AT LEAST HAS TO BE NOW 2000 Deep Under Surface Things there is to be an ER ELSE later IF I CAN DO IT!

Religions Of Ted!

Educations Of Ted!

Governments Of Ted!

Economies Of Ted!

Banks Of Ted! Spiritual to Digital to Phsycall in Deep Under Surface Things Of Ted And Genuine Family And Genuine Side Enough.

People Resources! Spiritual BackGround Enough Checks And Verifications And Checking References And Detecting And Investigations And Intelligence then to Digital Files in INTERNET Sites FerMats and HTML er BETTER THAN FER SURE TOO and ADVANCE IT And PROGRESS IT and MOVE IT FERWARD HOW MUCH REASONABLY POSSIBLE! Fer Sure If Can Do TOO ENOUGH REGULAR ROUTINE FREQUENT ENOUGH Best PolyGraph Testing TOO with Best Tests Too fer ALL Things! We NEED TO DO IT FROM HIGHEST to LOWEST TOO! We NEED to TRY at ANY Point Of Time TO FIGURE IF NEEDS TO BE DONE AGAIN ADDITIONALLY to NOW Additional than About every 3 Years Schedules. MANY do NOT want it yet AGREE IF REFUSE are MINIMUM OUT then TO BE PURSUED to be a KILL to DROP! Fer sure first HAS TO BE IF IN ANY Deep Under Surface Things TO BE BANISHED to Surface. Then possibly later Nuked! This HAS TO BE FIRST SoftWare! Then Other Technology! To Moniter Heart Rates and Breathing Rates and Blood Pressure and Sweat and Other Things Too! If a Sexual Accusation to Offense Suspect Enough to Strongly Suspect then Can Be Sexually Monitered Too in Sexual Private Parts Too. This should be enough except MAXIMUM BioMetrics TOO PRIMARILY AGAIN STARTING AGAIN WITH Best SoftWare! There are Concerning Many Other Things NOW TOO MUCH TO EVEN LIST NOW HERE! PolyGraph to Stringent PolyGraph to Best than EVER befere PolyGraph SoftWare And Computers And Technology!

Family Of Ted! We NEED TO NOW HAVE MAXIMUM Reproduction And Many Children And Large Families WITH Ted To Provide If Qualified Pays All Expenses Of Raising Betrothals Fer Ted! Then MUCH LESS fer Others Children If Qualified Fer Pay From Ted And Er Incentives To Motivate Enough er Some to NOT of slightest if not Qualified Enough and Tithe Breaks and Tax Breaks and Other Incentives Financial and Too Other Types Of Incentives Ted NEEDING NOW PRIMARIOLY NOW SEEMS TO BE Brains Befere Brawn er Muscles er Physical Abilities and Befere Looks Too It Seems NOW FER SURE NOW Ted NEEDS PLENTY of People With Brains Male And Female Geniuses to Very Intelligent At Least!

Side Of Ted! Less Incentives If Not Family Of Ted Fer Incentives and Motivations To Reproduce and Have Large Families and Agree To Have Children With Specific Breeding and Breeds and What Males with What Females TOO! Of course HAVE TO BE Same Kind Enough To Reproduce BECAUSE Angels and Spiritual Males CANNOT cause ANY Non Spiritual Female to be Pregnant and Non Spiritual Males CANNOT cause ANY Spiritual Females TO BE Pregnant BECAUSE ARE NOT of Same Kind and are NOT suppose to Mate.

English Of Ted And Family And Side Enough To HELP to Standardize Spiritual And How Much Can Be Digitally Written In INTERNET Site Best Fermats CAN DO LIKE BEST INTERNET Sites And Spoken Language! Then TOO All SoftWare WRITTEN IN English Of Ted And Family And Side Enough er Using SoftWare HOW MUCH CAN Translate It Deriving From What Now Happens To Be Ted And Family And Side Enough Have Source Code To It.

SoftWare! In OS er Operating Systems Of SoftWare HOW MUCH CAN NOW BE TO INTO FUTURE HACKERS PROOF OSes er Operating Systems Of SoftWare! Best Compilers And RunTimes And Interpreters And Shared er Dynamic Libraries And Static er Fixed Libraries How Link And Includes and ALL Things To Do SoftWare TOO COMPLETELY 100% FER SURE WITHOUT ANY DOUBTS HACKERS PROOF and does not Put Into SoftWare! So MANY Things NOW MUCH TOO NUMROUS And Er SECRET And Er Other Things TO LIST.

Computers! Best Ever Befere! Virtual Clouds And Servers And Super Computers And Main Frames And Other Computers IF CAN INFINATELY SCALABLE and FER SURE HOW Scaleable Possible TOO Using Fiber Optics and Other FASTEST Nets To Connect Together To Scale Processing And Other Things including Adds RAM Memery and Adds Digital Sterage and Can Add Other Things therefere Distributes Loads And Can Scale Loads And Can Continue To Scale To Limits to even No Limits Infinitely Scaleability.

Nets! Best Fastest Maximum Reliable than Ever Befere Now! Fer Sure FASTEST CAN BE WITH MAXIMUM BANDWIDTH AND OTHER THINGS ADVANCING Fiber Optics And FER SURE WireLess And Other Things.

Communications! Analog If Hacked Too Much to Digital If Not Hacked Too Much! How Much Can Using Space Ships Fer Communications Of Ted!

Tunnels with About a 9 Foot Ceiling To Connect Deep Under Surface Things Clusters of 3 to 6 to 9 to Additional and Some with TUNNELS WHAT People CAN WALK IN And RIDE IN and USE Electric Vehicles an USE PASSENGER to LARGEST HEAVIEST MAXIMUM CARGO INCLUDING SubMarines!

Automation! Can Do WithOut Digital If Hacked Too Much to ALL Digital to ALL PaperFree If Possible TOO And Photo Paper Free Except To Hang On Walls and Show and Exhibit to Photo Paper and to Photo Plastic and Other Things Physical Photos and Images and Graphic Designs and Other Things Visual Images And FILM Free And Recerd and Magnetic Tape and Other Things fer Audios Free How Much Can Be ALL Digital Audio er Sound and What ANY DOUBTS BETTER FER SURE than ANY Other Sides TO WIN! How Much Possibly PaperFree!

Fer sure Robotics BETTER THAN EVER HAS BEEN TO WIN! To Manufacture! Fer Facteries! To Do Many Things! Fer Conquering War Winning Military Things! Then If WITH MAXIMUM DEFENSIVE to MAXIMUM OFFENSIVE Including Had Missiles Can Launch including Small Nuke Missiles!

Then Spiritual Technology Of Spiritual Shields Fer RetroFitting The CreatOr Systems and CreatOr Systems and 3rd Generation from CreatOr Systems and Middle Systems and Lowest Systems and Cloning Systems and Other Systems and Things Of Ted To Create And Resurrect And Living Transfer Parallel UpGrade And Make And Clone and Other Things! Then Spiritual Shield Helmets BEST EVER THAN EVER BEFERE FER SURE! Then Spiritual Shields! FER SURE ALL OF IT to MUCH OF IT HAVING IN License Control SoftWare! Some Doers And Windows And er Hatches To Control IF TOO OUT OF CONTROL! Spiritual Obliteraters And Breachers And Penetraters And Other Things To Hit and DisAble to CANNOT werk to even FRY to Beyond Reasonable Repair To Neutralize. Spiritual Scanners BEST EVER THAN BEFERE WITH Direction And Distance And Even Place Physically In er On er Around er Where In Space In Space Ship(s) and What Is Being And Fer Sure Power Levels and then Ability to Obtain ALL Spiritual Power and LOCK then DROP to KILL! Fer sure Spiritual MAXIMUM DEFENSIVE to MAXIMUM OFFENSIVE! Spiritual Interferers And Blockers And Other Things To Intercept and Do Other Things Including From Sending And Even Receiving And Er Transceiving Spiritual Communications And Other Things MANY Criteria Fer Spiritual Scanners To Be Can Be Has To Be MAXIMUM Configurable TOO! Spiritual Weapons! Spiritual Weapons Arrays! Of Course HAS NO SPEED LIMITS AND NO DISTANCE LIMITS AND NO to HOW MUCH POSSIBLY NO to HOW MUCH CAN BE NO BANDWIDTH limitations fer MAXIMUM METAPHERICALLY MUCH ADDITIONALLY THAN USING a Nuke IT CAN BE ADDITIONALLY PRECISE to SURGICAL a KILLING to DROPPING of Out Of Control Any Other Than Ted at About a TRILLION SPIRITUAL POWER to About 7 BILLION SPIRITUAL POWER to About a BILLION Spiritual Power to About a Million Spiritual Power Things and Angels er Angel Beings and Spiritual Things an to Non Spiritual Things of People with Spiritual Connectabilities and even With Animals and Things In Fresh Waters to Ocean Waters of Mammals and Other Things In Air and In Ground and In Waters and into Space In Space Ships TOO. Then Gender Detecting With Spiritual Scanners TOO IF POSSIBLE of Spiritual Males and Spiritual Females. Some to Many Other Capabilities Ted NEEDS HOW MUCH REASONABLY CAN BE DONE INCLUDING Spiritual Interfaces To to Load Spiritually From TRILLION POWER Ted! And Er Angels And Er Spiritual Things Precise Targeting Packages Too FER SURE Ted NEEDS!!! !!! !!!

Here Extreme Spiritual Legal Systems Ferces!

Then FER SURE HERE AT LEAST BEST EVER THAN EVER BEFERE FER SURE with MANY IMPROVEMENTS AND ADVANCEMENTS AND PROGRESS Deep Under Surface Things What Includes Non Eco Enclosed to even Has To Ventilate Things To Surface of HEAVIEST INDUSTRY and fer PETROLEUM REFINERIES and FER METAL REFINERIES and er CHEMICAL REFINERIES and fer Other Things Needing To Ventilate Including Facteries And Manufacturing And Other Things AT LEAST Next Generation To Be With 1000 Improvements What Are Significant Enough To Be In Count Of LIST from MAXIMUM to LESS TOO of Deep Under Surface Things Improvements Fer Next Generation Of with PLENTY OF ProtoTypes TOO TO REDUCE COSTS AND MANY EXPENSES AND MANY ReTroFits If Can even RetroFit.


We NEED TO INFERM Ted WE NEED ENOUGH RESOURCES FER Deep Under Surface Things then we think Space Ships then SubMarines and FER SURE Tunnelers and ALL Things To BUILD BRAND NEW and TO EXPAND WHAT ARE and RETROFIT TOO Ted! OF COURSE Ted WRITES yet I DO NOT think WE WERE PUTTING ENOUGH RESOURCES INTO SoftWare! WE AGREE Ted and are FER SURE NOW RAMPING SoftWare like NEVER befere Ted! I did SPECIFY THIS TOO in a Loud Spiritual Meeting Where I NEVER did write ALL Things From to Much to AnyThing At Times ALL SECRET I NEED ALL future SoftWare WHEN READY SCRAMBLING And FAST ENOUGH And SPEEDILY ENOUGH And TOO RACING IT ENOUGH DONE In Ted's English to English Of Ted And Family And Side Enough ALL Called Assemblers at levels of Assembly Language to Linkers an Loaders and Compilers and RunTimes And Interpreters And Other Things Using Now From Having It Locating It Finding It Source Code and then Global Change And Replace And Er Derive From er Do It From Scratch TOO ENOUGH of MUCH BETTER THAN JAVA SoftWare Language And PHP And C++ And C And Other SoftWare Languages MUCH BETTER THAN And NEVER been Written Er Done Er a SoftWare Invention er even ProtoType and Other Things SoftWare Languages I NEED SO MUCH ADVANCEMENT AND IMPROVEMENTS AND PROGRESS NONE can even comprehend it. Then ALL SoftWare COMPLETELY 100% TOTALLY HACKERS PROOF to HOW MUCH REASONABLY POSSIBLE USING BEST SoftWare To Detect And Investigate And Intelligence ALL SoftWare Fer Defense To Protection To Security Problems and FIX IT er AT LEAST FLAG WHAT Needs All Things To Be Fixed! Then I NEED BEST EVER BEFERE To Do ON INTERNETS Things and Nets to MAXIMUM SECRET NETS! Then ALL Things TO COMMUNICATE On MAXIMUM SECRET NETS to Nets to INTERNETS! I( NEED BEST EVER Hackers Vulnerabilities SoftWare TO LIKE SoftWare Source Code REVIEW ALL OF IT and to BINARY RELEASES REVIEW to MAXIMUM CHECK IT TO like when Attempts To Communicate to Nets What Happens To Be HackerWare and er MalWare and er SpyWare and er Other Things Ghost SoftWare DOING THINGS HOW STEATHLY POSSIBLY TOO and MANY Other Things Done Using NOT People USING SoftWare TO HAVE HACKERS PROOF SOFTWARE! WE AGREE Ted! Fer ALL Linked er Fixed Libraries and FER SURE Shared er Dynamic Libraries. Fer Sure IN ALL Machine Level like Compilers Called on WEVILD Earth Assemblers and Assembly Language and Linkers and Loaders and Compilers and RunTimes and Interpreters and Too Includes and Too Other Things Including and er Using and er Communicating To and er Using and Other Things Like Specific Servers (INTERNET Servers; DataBases And DataBase Servers; Email Servers; SFTP and FTP and Other Things Servers; Client SoftWare TOO of INTERNET Browsers; Connecting To DataBases; Email Client SoftWare; Netwerked File Systems Servers and Clients Too; MANY Other Things TOO MUCH NOW HERE TO LIST.) then MANY Other Things TOO! WE ARE TRYING TO FIGURE IT NOW Ted! We have now about a Million SoftWare Angelos EXPERTS to EXPERTS MUCH to NOT are TRAINING and EDUCATING and LEARNING and GAINING RAPID EXPERIENCE TOO NOW! I NEED Software HOW HACKERS PROOF POSSIBLE And BETTER THAN EVER BEFERE and SO MUCH SoftWare NONE can even comprehend it yet and er understand it and er extrapolate it BECAUSE there is to be Much SoftWare what NEVER was ever done befere and er understood enough including NOW SO Nuked! WE AGREE Ted! We have some Angels TOO TRYING to DO SoftWare NOW TOO Ted! We NEED TO RAMP WITHIN REASON SoftWare WE NOW AGREE Ted! I NEED MAXIMUM PaperFree And Communications And Automations And Many Other Things INCLUDING THEN CAN BE AND IS TO BE WITHIN REASON SoftWare License Controlled with Expiration Times And Feature Sets And Feature Licensing And Netwerk Licensing Floating Netwerk Licensed Can Be from SoftWare License Servers and ABILITIES to BLOCK Licensed from Computers SO EASY AND QUICK AND FAST AND RELIABLE IF Not Blocked. I NEED TOO BEST Computers than EVER BEFERE EVER FER SURE TOO FER SURE SO MUCH ADVANCED AND PROGRESSED AND MOVES FERWARD there is NO comprehension of yet! WE AGREE Ted! Then BEST Nets SO FAST AND RELIABLE AND CAN BE Redundant And MANY Other Things like NEVER BEFERE PRIMARILY TOO Using Communications Of Space Ships Of Ted And Other Things To Communicate Possibly Satellites SO UNDEFENDABLE TOO MUCH and Other In Ground and In Waters and Deep Under Infrastructure PREFERRED TO BE Mobile then In SubMarines and Other Things TOO In Air and Other Things Mobile HOW MUCH REASONABLY POSSIBLE and IF NOT Mobile Deep UnderSurface of Oceans and Waters and Ground Under Surface. WE AGREE TOO NOW Ted! So Many Other Things Too List Here are TOO MANY THINGS NOW to LIST NOW! AGREED Ted!

Therefere a Million People NOW Doing Software happens NOT to be ENOUGH I Ted NOW THINK to WRITE! WE ARE TRYING to RAMP IT ADDITIONALLY NOW TOO Ted! DO IT I AM CONQUERING! DO IT I AM COMMANDING! DO IT I AM TELLINGS YOUS TO DO RAMP ENOUGH SoftWare Then Computers Then Nets this Technology! AGREED Ted!


YOU SEE IT IS ABOUT People FIRST TO WIN INCLUDING FER SURE FROM MUCH Reproduction And Children And Large Enough Families And Fer Sure From CreatOr Systems to Middle Systems to Lowest Systems to Cloning Systems where I AGAIN are READY to Autherize Living Transfer Parallel UpGrades into TALAXY INCLUDING Some UPGRADES to Angels of QUALIFIED Angelos and Angels BRAND NEW NEVER lived befere ENOUGH INCLUDING ENOGH and NOT TOO MANY Clones Of Angels And I DID Autherize Last Night TOO in Loud Spiritual Meeting Fer COVERING ANGEL and ABOUT 100 Angels NOW STUCK in Angel UnderGrounds In Heaven Under CAPITAL AREA and some ElseWhere a MAXIMUM fer Covering Angel 900 Spiritual Females then 3 HOW NEAR CAN BE instances of 2 Spiritual NEAR instances then a Non Spiritual Instance then About 9 Non Spiritual Females Fer Control them Angels About 3 Helping Ted To Create and then Angels About 10 Helping Ted To Make Things Holy Royal HAVE TO BE a Range Of a Holy Royal To Help Ted To Make NOT derived from and er from The CreatOrs DataBase ANY Eves Of Ted (About 100 Spiritual Females Of Ted During Coming Befere Coming Faverite Wives to Wives SUPPOSE TO BE IN WAITING Fer Ted! And NOT enough where.) and er ANY Erigional Cherub Angels Of Light to Erigional Angels Of Light and er From ANYTHING in The CreatOrs DataBase of a Female of a People including Non Spiritual Females Clones Of and er Derived from including NOTHING of Clones Of and er Helping Ted To Make and er Deriving From ANY Of about 200K Spiritual Females Quote Michael WAS HELPING Ted WITH WITH MANY then Other Things HELPING and then ABOUT 100K Fer Michael and Spiritual Males Of Family and Angels and Other Spiritual Males and Other Things and er ANY to be an Instance then and er ANY fer Control then and this these ALL Are Ted's to Of Ted!

We NEED to RAMP People from Angels to Angelos and Spiritual Males and Spiritual Females and Non Spiritual Males and Females FER SURE NOW OPTIMALLY DO BE DONE IN WISEST CAN BE Stages And Phases And Incrementally NOT TOO MANY ALL AT SAME TIME CAN BE! We AGREE TO THIS TOO NOW Ted!

Best Nukes of Enough Different Nukes! Space To Space Nuke Missiles! Space to Space And Er Air And Er Surface And Er To Terpedo Nukes! Specialized Enough Nuke Missiles! MAXIMUM SIZE AT LEAST GIGATON NUKES to tiniest possible shoulder launched nuke missiles to hand held launchers fer nuke missiles and nuke grenades and other tiny nukes including tiny nuke bullets. From LEAST radiation to MAXIMUM RADIATION to MAXIMUM RADIATION FER a LONG TIME TOO. Many Things Nukes including Nuke Terpedoes. Nuke Cannons and Cannon Ballistics er Rounds er Ammunition. Maximum Deepest Fartherist Penetrating Nukes fer MAXIMUM ARMOUR And Er MAXIMUM DEPTHS Deep Under Surface Things And Other Things! MAXIMUM BREAKING THROUGH DEFENSES INCLUDING MAXIMUM SPACE SHIP ENERGY FIELD DEFENSES Nuke Missiles! Maximum Artificial Intelligence Nuke Missiles! Maximum Cruise Nuke Missiles!

Then Here About Ray Weapons INCLUDING USING MicroWaves and X RAYS and Other Rays and Waves and Other Things.

Best Chemical Weapons.

Ted currently DOES NOT want to do Created Weapons And Er BioWeapons and er to Biological Weapons Er Yet.

Best Maximum Explosives what are Not Nukes and have NO radiations like BEST MAXIMUM ADDITIONAL than MAXIMUM PLASTICE EXPLOSIVES and Other Things SECRET to SO SECRET to TOP SECRET NOW CLASSIFIED to THE MOST HIGH Levels Of Secret!




August 25, 2016

To Start SoftWare WITH We NEED HACKERS PROOF Compilers And RunTimes And Interpreters TOO! Too ALL Shared Er Dynamic Libraries and Fixed er Statically Linked Libraries and Include Files and Other Things. Derived fer JAVA from OpenJDK and fer PHP from TomCat INTERNET Site Server and Other Things and Fer C++ and C from GNU Compilers. We have Other SoftWare Languages we THINK NOW are MUCH BETTER THAN ANYTHING In and er On and er Around WEVILD Earth NOW! Fer sure was In Heaven and er On Heaven and er Around Heaven WHERE WE HAVE ALL Source Code To It Much Of It NOW! THANKS TO YOU Ted And Gabriel And Other Angels BEFERE CAPITAL AREA NUKE STRIKE! We NEED HOW MUCH POSSIBLY COMPLETELY 100% TOTALLY HACKERS PROOF OSes er Operating Systems Of SoftWare! We NEED ALL SoftWare HOW HACKERS PROOF CAN BE USING MUCH SoftWare To Find It and Flag It er even Fix It! We NEED MUCH SOFTWARE TO DO MUCH POUNDING AND TESTING AND QUALITY CONTROL and SOURCE CODE REVIEWS OF MANY MILLIONS to BILLIONS to TRILLIONS of Lines We Have Now of MUCH Source Code NOW to SoftWare In Redundancy Packages And Infermation Base Of Heaven and Believe It Er Not Some In The CreatOrs DataBase INCLUDING FER SURE ALL SoftWare Used Fer It!

Permissioned; Autherized; Agreed; Will Of; To Do; to NEVER do; to FERBIDDEN; to NEVER ever do; including Specific Sin – Table Of Contents


August 12, 2016

Ted HAS DONE YET ANOTHER HOW RECENT CAN BE BUNDLE FILE Of Previous INTERNET Site What NEEDS WITH RELIABLE RESUME a DownLoad Manager To DownLoad a Bundle File found from Bundle Files Table Of Contents er actually NOW FIRST on Bundle Files – Page 1 NOW Of Nearly 16 GB NOW in NOW a Linux tar.gz File.

TedISTheOneGod.Net - Table Of Contents

TECHNICAL REMINDERS NOW: Do NOT do ANY File Names and er Folder Names LONGER than LIMIT of UNIX to UNIX Like to Linux of About 256 AlphaNumericCanBePunctuations and Spaces and OtherThings. Limit Path Length fer Other OS now if possible too.

© 2016 er CopyRight by Ted! Ted Solomon More Ted Ralph Kurts All TradeMarks Claimed to Be to Registering Of and er ServiceMarks and Other Things of ImagesTooAllOf are ALL RIGHTS RESERVED a CopyRight By Ted and er Open Content and er Public Domain and er a TradeMark of In a Foundation and er Trust and er Will Of Ted! And er ServiceMarks and er Other Marks Of Scanned Images to Digital Images and er Digital First Images and er Of ANY Ferm Of Images and er Photos and er Videos and er Audios and er Music and er PhotoGraphy and er VideoGraphy and er to Documentaries to Movies to DIGITAL MOVIES INCLUDING OF COURSE ANY Software and ANY of INTERNET Sites and ANY if Any Source and er Content and er Combinations Of INCLUDING THEREFERE INTERNET Sites Of and er Of ON INTERNET ARE a Claimed Patent To a Registered Patent and er TradeMarked and er ServiceMarked and er All Rights Reserved having a CopyRight er WITH COPY RIGHTS ONLY BY Ted! TO START then TYPICALLY Fer ALL Things of a Religion(s) Of Ted's Starting Up WAS PUT IN an Open Content License Of Ted's From a Foundation and er Trust and er Will and er StartUp to CERPERATION and er Other Legal Entities Licensed From and this FROM MAXIMUM ALL CAPITAL PUBLIC DOMAIN at first WAS PUT IN BEFERE Ted Started To Derive From and Progress and Advance and Try To Move Ferward INCLUDING COUNTS IF a PROCESSED Video BY SOMETHING and NOT HOW MUCH WAS WHEN FIRST DONE er TAKEN er SHOT!

This INTERNET Site Index Page! Then Put In an Open Content License Of Ted's FER TO BE in a future INTERNET Site a .Net and this NOW SECRETLY PLANNED! To Per Fair Use! Has To Be Fairly Then Used Per Fair Use! Fair Use er YOU CANNOT even use it IF ANY TOO MUCH even seeming to be and er showing and er seems to be and er happens to be to HAPPENS TOO BE too even too much of anything of slightest too against Ted to Enemies to ENEMIES to WERST ENEMIES to NEMESIS of Ted to WERST EVIL ENEMIES of Ted then you cannot use of slightest per ANYTHING INCLUDING DUE TO HAPPENS TO HAVE BEEN and HOW IS and IS TI BE Of Religion(s) Of Ted! And er To Seems To Be To Of Business NOT then happens to be in a Current Then Open Content License From Ted!

Ted! HAPPENS TO BE The One Living God And The Messiah And The CreatOr AND God AND The Lord AND The I Am AND The Or Of Defined Ors AND The King AND The SoftWareOr AND TechnologOr AND Other Things OF ENTIRE UNIVERSE INFINITE OF ALL DIRECTIONS IF INFINITE ET NOT and GALAXY Heaven Is In and Heaven WHAT TOO HAPPENS TO BE CALLED EXCLUSIVELY FER SURE Eriginal Heaven and Earth!