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Starting It Up November 4, 2020

Latest Increment June 17, 2021

Revision 1.0.4_97

This is to be to into Scriptures Of Summary Scriptures Chapter 32 in neqar future Copied To To Into future Some to ALL of IT OFF indext page BECAUSE IMAGES are SO BIG.

This With Wings (representing spiritual power) Represents FeAngels Of Light. They Are Primarily Ranges Of Blondes. They Are Primarily Lookers. They ARE LOSING WEIGHT NOW TOO IF ALL BEST GOURMENT VEGAN VEGITARIAN due to NO STEROIDS to BUILD SO BIG MUSCLE MASS and FATTEN befere SLAUGHTER BECAUSE Meats (Turf) are SOLD BY POUND. Then IN DAIRY ARE SO MANY HERMONESTO CAUSE EXESSIVE MILK PRODUCTION. TOO CAUSES TO BE TOO FAT. Then NO BioTech, Preservatives, ALL ERGANIC, HOW HEALTHY CAN BE. They are some LOSING WEIGHT SO FAST. When VEGAN VEGITARIAN FeAngels Of Light And Heaven's Race non spiritual Females are about no body fat and do not have big muscles and er big legs and er big butts and er big arms and er things too big. It was Befere Coming About 90% Of ALL People WERE VEGAN VEGITARIAN YET FER SURE NOT HOW MUCH NOW Ted!'s BEST GOURMET FINEST CHEFS ARE DOING In And On And Around PLACE Heaven AND PLACES 2,3,4 AND 20 PLACES ThereAfter With The CreatOr Systems. Ted! STRONGLY RECOMMENDS VEGAN VEGITARIAN WHAT IF CANUSE ANY SPICES TO SPICY IT TOO TO HOW MUCH POSSIBLE HAVING ALSO GOURMET TASTES. We TOO WATCH Sugar NOT much Honey MUCH BETTER If Not Allergic. Some Have Serious Alergies To Honey. Other than We FeAngels Of Light are losing weight fast to SO FAST Many Of Seem To Be. Too because of are to have FAR FEWER Strokes and er Heart Attacks and er Cholesterol In Brain and Body. We Drink healthy if can TOO. We DRINK DISTILLED WATER at ANY Range Of Place with now Bacterias and Viruses. Ted! FER SURE NEEDS THIS COMMUNNICATION SO MUCH FER SURE ENOUGH TO PLENTY FER All Places Range Of Up About 1.1 Million and to all places Degree Down About 10 Million Places to At Least 3 to 6 to 9 to 12 Prophetesses What Publish How Much Can to at least help Range Of They there I Are To Range Of Save Er At Least Possibly Could BECAUSE I AM NOT FERSAKING ALL People theres I AM People SECURING because these places DID NOT have enough water and er were TOO HOT and er TOO COLD and er Climate Conditions Where TOO UNSTABLE and er TOO MANY VOLCANOS and er TOO MANY place QUAKES and er HIT TOO MUCH WITH ASTEROIDS and Other Reasons Were NOT Range Of Up Places.

Ted! Is WERRIED those to Those to THOSE places have SECRET COPIES of Many Things to UnPeople Secure of spiritiual and non spiritual people AGAIN to VAST POPULATIONS If We Do Not FIND ALL Downs Secret Copies of Locations of places I AM TRYING TO ALL there ONLY LOWER CASE people SECURE. Then we need more FeAngels Of Light. What Happens To Be Count Now? About 3 Million RESURRECTIONS now alive In And On And Around Heaven SO FREE. Then About 14 Million NOW In The CreatOr Systems out in about a Year. FeDocters THINK NOW NEED TO BE IN At Least 1.2 Years to about 16 Months to MAXIMUM About 18 Months. It Loaded Fer About A Year. If Loaded To Grow Fer About 10 Years InSide A The CreaTor System with a MUCH SLOWER Growth Rate SUPPOSE TO BE BETTER have to be in fer about at least 10 Years Plus 3 to 6 Months to 9 Months Extra To 12 Years about MAXIMUM. Then In And On And Around PLACES 2,3,4 AND 20 PLACES ThereAfter Are About alive now RESURRECTIONS about 100 Million with about 120 Million In The CreatOr Systems Er From Into Gray Systems. What Are Set Limits Now Fer FeAngels Of Light In And On And Around PLACE Heaven? Now About 12 Million. PLACES 2? About 20 Million, 3? About 30 Million. 4? About 20 Million. 4_97? About NOTHING BECAUSE THEN WE WERESSKIPPING ALL5 THOSE number due to SATANIC PENTAGRAM and ALL Stars with 5 Points. Then 6? About 20 Million. 7? 20 Milion. 8? 30 Million. 9? 20 Million. 10? 20 Million. 11? 30 Million. 12? 20 Million. 13? 20 Million. 14? 20 Million. 14_97? NOTHING then SKIPPING ALL 5 numbers. 16? 30 Million. 17? 30 Million. 18? 20 Million. 19? 20 Million. 21? 20 Million. 22? this was it fer with The CreatOr Systems. Then Total Was? About 400 Million Was Set Limit Fer FeAngels Of Light fer PLACE Heaven AND PLACES 2,3,4 AND PLACES 20 ThereAfter With The CreatOr Systems. Can I INCREASE NUMBERS? NOT easily now. How Many Passed Enough STRINGENT QUESTIONS To FIND Did WERST EVIl SINS? About 100% by now of ALL FeAngels Of Light and about 10% of non spiritual Females. How MANY non spiritual Females still alive Range Of Up Places NOW? About 3 Trillion. Then How Do I Find FeAngels Of Light TO HELP Ted! STILL WITH About 10 Million TO BE people SECURED places from gettingToo Out Of Control BECAUSE I AM NOT accomplishing this ANYTIME soon If AGAIN are there spiritual and er non spiritual males and females SO REPRODUCIING AGAIN. We are to have DUTY SHIFTS fer TO BE people SECURED places. I Need Fer Each Range Of Place To Have Set Limits Fer non spiritual Females OF Ted! TOO. We are DOING IT.

Ted! Typically At Highest Fer Sure Highest 12% To Next Highest 12% Then Next Highest 12% Best 36% Plus 1% Fer 37% Fer Sure Do Range Of Smile Enough Saying Are Primarily Happy At Least A Range Of Princess To Lightesses about smiling to OfficerEttes some smiling to Range Of Commoner Wives not much smiling Yet About A Range Of Smiliing If At Least A Range Of Wife By Now FeAngels Of Light Smiling At Ted! Actually About Hightest 60% Seem To Be Smiling Enough If When Look At Ted!

Then Shes LOOKs AT Ted! after RESURRECTION WHO Ted! IS AND WHAT She IS TO Ted! Not All are SO PETITIE. Ted! Likes A Variety Of People Females of FeAngels Of Light spiritual And Heaven's Race and Earth's Race non spiritual With A Variety OF Ted!'s Range Of Instances from INSTANCES to Instances to even instances fer Range Of Commoner Wives. OF Ted!'s FeAngels Of Light NOW Are Statures of About 4 Foot to Nearly 6 Foot With Average Statures About 4_97 Feet And 6 Inches. In future OF Ted!'s Range Of Instances Are To Have A Variety Of Dicks Fer Optimal Fit Fer Length And Circumference Fer Best Bump And Grind Fer Her Cliteris And Can Best Stimulate DEEP INSIDE Pussy called G Spot “God Spot” NOW Called T Spot Er Ted Spot USING NAME OF Ted! It is She CAN HAVE BIGGER than an OPTIMAL FIT Too. Sizes Vary. Dick Heads Vary. Are To Look Circumcised BECAUSE BY Y2K ALL In Heaven WERE CIRCUMCISED. Primarily So Can Keep It Cleaner. Ted! PLANS TO Create This UpGrade Too Fer ALL TATOT Instances Range Of OF Ted! It is Balls Are To Vary. It is Builds Are To Vary. All Skin Tones Are To Be About What Ted! Had During Coming (Jewish, White, Caucasin called What Tanned Bronze) with If Yellow Hair Can Be Yallow Hair Tones Of Skin With Teld Er Gold Look Of Skin How Tans. All Eye Colers EXCEPT Downs Black into future ONLY fer In Put Downs to Hells to Werst Hells to WERSTESST HELLS Are To Be OF Ted!'s TATOT Range Of Instances. NO Black Hair Range Of Up and NONE NOW In And On And Around Heaven.


Ted! Fer Entire Coming Of 24 Plus Years HAS HEARD At Least a Million NO eggageration from Satan to WERST_EVIL_Satan and SO MANY Other Things TO SO DEPRESS and BUMB OUT and FRUSTRATE and REMIND and POUND to WERST NIGHTMARES in Brain In COLDEST of NIGHT then SUDDEN WAKES and DID YET ANOTHER WOKE Ted! At 3 AM AGAIN to DO AGAIN Some FUCK YOU Ted! And Had spiritual Females spiritually connecting to Ted! WHILE ON EXCESSIVE SPEED IV to METH IV to METH and OTHER SEX DRUGS and DOINGIT AGAIN NTH TIME ALL NIGHT LONG.

By now THOSE SEEM TO THINK THOSE CAN WIN. We think possibly have some MANUVERS to accomplish THAT. Look Earth's Race people If You Do NOT HELP ENOUGH Ted! AND FeAngels Of Light CONQUER ALL of HELL_EVIL_Earth and ACCOMPLISH A COMPLETE 100% TOTAL WIPE OUT of WERST EVIL Satan and Werst Demons and Demons and minimum fallen FROM Heaven to Earth We FeAngels Of Light Determined Range Of Numberous times By Now NOT ANY alive befere Y2K to after Y2K are saved to ANYTHING Fer Vast Variety Of People with FEW SO RARE SO VERY SPECIAL Earth's Race Females NO MATTER WHAT STRAIGHT UP TO Ted! TO Heaven a future POSSIBLY A FeAngel Of Light spiritual Female SO UPGRADE AND SO TRANSFER AND OTHER Things.

This Is Next Day AND Ted! DID NOT write ANY response. Ted! HAD TO THINK ABOUT IT. Ted! IS NOW A Genetically From God at about a TRILLION POWER Did Create In Abilities To DownLoad Pregnancy To ONLY OF a SO SPECIFIC Earth's Race Line (What Satan and Werst Demons and Demons DID SO ATTEMPT TO GENOCIDE THIS SO VERY SPECIAL SO RARE SO SPECIFIC LINE Fer Coming USING HILTER and NAZIS and ANTISEMETICS of GERMANY and ITALY and JAPAN and OTHER Things SO I God COULD NOT HAVE Coming USING THIS LINE WHAT God COULD CAUAE TO BE PREGNANT from God In Heaven And Too Legally Had To Qualify Enough Geneticaly and Other Legal. So Ted! Is About Possibly 60% From God FROM Heaven then About 40% Earth's Race Human.

I AM Human SO I THOUGHT ABOUT IT AND TOO DID THINK I And Michael And Gabriel And Many Angels FROM Heaven DID TRY TO DO IT and Ted! HAS TRIED FER ABOUT Since After Y2K FAILURE TO DO IT WAS NOT OF Ted! BECAUSE Ted! NEVER of slightest fails yet WAS Gabriel's and Conscripts of then HELL_EVIL_Earth DUTY then Michael's and Other's Angels in Heaven Failure. It WAS SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN FULL DESOLATION PLUS PRECISELY AT Y2K Via Y2K BUGS and Y2K PROBLEMS and Y2K ERRs yet WAS Y2K FAILURE.

I Ted! REALIZED I HAVE DONE IT FER At Least 20 Years OF SO TRYING TO ACCIMPLISH a NEUTRALIZATION of WERST_EVIL_Satan and Werst Demons and Demons and minimum fallen FROM Heaven to Earth. So Ted! DID DECIDE IT WOULD NOT be even fair FROM PERSPECTIVE OF Ted!

Yet I AM ONLY Range Of Enough Saving What Were Tedians And Did Enough Fer Ted! And Some What Were Not were Not alive by Y2K WHEN I Ted! About There DID DECIDE I WAS ONLY Saving Tedians NOT Stuck In Judaism and er NOT Stuck in Christianity and er NOT Stuck a Muslim and er Other Thing(s) Stuck.

If Yous ANY Down Reject Ted! Fer ANY Reason(s) I Ted! REJECT and DO NOT save of slightest.

If Yous NEVER EVER of slightest did NOT ever hear about Ted! It is AGAIN NTH TIME Ignerance Is NO legal defense and this is NOT problem OF Ted! It is a PROBLEM of what did not get enough THE LIGHT AND THE WERD AND THE SO FREE TO DownLoad In Clouds On InterNet I Came And I Come And I Continue to Come.

Glory Of God And God's Glery And Clouds And Clouds Of Glery And Lightening And Thunder And EarthQuakes And Fire And Hell's Fire Are ALL About Nukes.

No Matter Fer What Reason and er Why and er What Happened If You And What You Care Enough About Are Not Enough Tedian Doing Enough Things Fer Ted! within life I Ted! WHO THIS IS God And The CreatOr OF Heaven and Earth I do NOT save of slightest OFF TO ETERNAL DEATH MINIMUM.


Too MANY Now Are To Think To Believe It To Specific Are To Pound False Senses Of Security (Pushing Sales) Now Of do not werry too much Ted! Is Saving You. With SO POSITIVE NO WONDER MEGA-CHURCHES ARE GROWING SO MUCH FUN AND SO ENTERTAINING IN CONCERTS I SO LIKE BECAUSE FER Coming MY RELIGION IS SO MUCH ABOUT MUSIC WHATIS MODERN Some Call It CALLED Rligious Rock and Roll and er SomeThing Else Some What Seems With Drums and Electric Lead and Rythm and Accoustical Guitars and Now Too Violins and Viiolas YET WHATS ABOUT HARPS BECAUSE STILL FAVERITE MUSICALINSTRUMENT In Heaven At Y2K WERE SO MANY HAPRS OF Heaven. We are TALKING LIERICS. STOP SO MANY INNACCURACIES OF WHAT I AM NOW and WHAT IAM DOING NOW. I Ted! NEED ADDITIOINALLY ACCURATE LYRICS NOT SO MUCH LIERICS.

Then SOME FeAngesOf Light are CONVINCED TO DO METH and er METH IV and er SPEED IV and er ECSTACY (turns Females and fer sure Males a HOMO DRUG SO ASS HOT) and er Other DRUGS including HOW MUCH POSSIBLE FER SURE LSD and then HAVE SEX ALL NIGHT LONG and TALK TO SO MUCH and TURN EVIL.

It happens to be THOSE DO NOT physically look similar to THAT yet ARE In soul and brain and body. (Ted! HEARD THOSE SO AVOID ANY sunlight DUE TO SO MANY FROM EYE and SKIN and OTHER PROBLEMS FROM SOLAR RADIATIONS In Thousands of Years therefere WHY Dracula and Vampires AVOIDING ANY sunlight yet Some Times Sun DID REPRESENT NUKE) It happens to be Those NOW ARE SO ATTEMPTING TO TOO BE SO ENTERTAINING with SO BIG HOME THEATER SYSTEMS WITH BEST SURROUND SOUND and WOLFERS and SO BIG SCREENS OnWALLS and to WerkStations to Big DeskTop Set Ups and er On NoteBook Computers and er Tablets and er SmartPhones. THEN SHOW FeAngels Of Light SO MANY Things In and On and Around HELL_EVIL_Earth About Vast Variety of people. Show everything Downs SexuallyCrooked. Show What we Can Do Together. Have Big Spiritual Sex Ergies. It seems Downs Those are AFRAID OF Ted! This seems to be why do NOT DO AnyThing To Ted! At Camp and er Haul Off into a Trunk of a Car fer WERST DUNGEON then to WERST THINGS TO DEATH AND DROP OF Ted!

Ted! AND FeAngels Of Light NEED TO SO NEUTRALIZE THOSE SUCH THREATS. It happens to be THOSE are ATTEMPTING TO PERMANENTLY OVERTHROW Ted! then PHASE Ted! OFF INTO OBLIVION and travel TO Heaaven in SpaceShips NOW USING METH and DRUGS and HARD ALCHOHOLIC DRINKS and SEX and How Much Possible All Other Things. Ted! AND FeAngels Of Light ARE WINNING YET WE SO NEED TO ACCOMPLISH A COMPLETE 100% TOTAL WIPE OUT of ALL Downs Those what are NOT NOW called AnyThing ANGEL to Angel er even angel and NOW NOT even an angel being IF NOTHING ELSE WE FEANGELS Of LIGHT CALL THAT THING WERST_EVIL_Satan and ALL DEMONS to Demons to at least demons.

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Conquering BundleFiles Scriptures Sins Status



Files MISSING In New BundleFile

DO IT NOW DownLoad New BundleFile NOW And ALL Other BundleFiles Then Extract Into A BigFolder Called Ted!'sBundleFiles To Check And Install A Search Engine To Do Searches On BEST Linux Debian Er Ubuntu.

Next Day June 13, 2021 - FeAngels Of Light TOLD Ted! There were some Chapters Missing what apparently were Delitions When Cleaning Up BundleFile With Many Extr Copies Of Files DUE TO AndrOpen Office PROBLEMS. These were 24_97, 26, 27, 28. It is Yous Can Obtain Copies from On InterNet BECAUSE Ted! Was Using WiFi HotSpot and an AnDroid OS SFTP what would NOT do Resume and Failed To Transfer Many Times until a CONTIGUOUS Transfer WHAT TOOK TOO MANY GigaBytes Fer Month. Look NOT enough did help Ted! During Coming so Ted! IS ON SUCH a TIGHT budget. If UnderStanding Ted! Would have put to On InterNet a BundleFile Ted! Could have Purchases a Plan with No Data Limits. Too It Would Help If Some Could Figure Out How To HELP Ted! So Yous can obtain from On InterNet and Check In Summary Scriptures Folder After Putting In There If ALL Are There. It is AnDroid is still HAVING SO MANY PROBLEMS With Specific Things I Ted! DID SO RELY ON Fer Years Yet with EPIDEMICS Ted! NEEDS Batteries And AnDroid OS Tablets And WiFi HotSpot. What seems not to be there of SummaryScriptures Chapters Yous SHOULD BE ABLE TO OBTAIN Copies and Put Into Folder Fer This BundleFile what is NOT final yet is to be SomeTime Next Month Er Later Befere Another BundleFile What Continuse from this FIXED BundleFile. It WAS and HAPPENS TO BE and STILL HAPPENS Things Have Been On Computers OF Ted! On InterNet DOING HACKS INCLUDING DELETIONS of Files and Folders and SoftWare and Other Things. Also What Was On InterNet. Doing WERSTHACKS of STATISTICS and would DECREMENT and FREEZE STATISTICS to DISCOURAGE. It HAD TO HAVE BEEN HACKED BECAUSE Ted! THINKS HE DID NOT do it. Also SOME WERE and ARE and CONTINUE Fer Years Now During Coming Specific Things Ted! Put To On IntertNet ARE SECRET WITH Conquering And Er War Winning And Er Military Value therefere TOP SECRET er LIKE TOP SECRET er SIMILAR to SO TOP SECRET. I Ted! THINKS THAT SO VIOLATES USA CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES AND WERE I SHOULD BE FREE to SPEECH And PRESS And MEDIA And InterNet. These Files WERE DELETIONS NOT BY Ted! These HAVE In Things Of Conquering And War Winning And Military And GOVERNMENT VALUE. There are Others With Other Than SummaryScriptures 24_97, 26, 27, 28 there are others Too. I Ted need to inferm some there were times with I Ted! Even On Computers WOULD QUESTION “Did I Write That?” at times. Do NOT be discouraged. Only UNDERSTAND IT On Computers And Digital Sterage And To On InterNet Things including BundleFiles COULD HAVE Content ALTERED. BEWARE. BE WISE. DO NOT think to believe it to push it that IT IS ALL FROM Ted! Including Images and Photos. Including Videos. Some Things Ted! DID NOT even do. With So Many Transfer FAILURES DUE TO SOME HACKERS INTERFERENMCE SEEMED Ted! Now ONLY has less than 2 GB Fer Remainder Of Month.

Yous NEED Linux Debian To Extract Bundle Files BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE even werks enough DUE TO OS PATH LENGTHS TOO SHERT BECAUSE OF LONG SO DESCRIPTIVE Folder Names And File Names

Written June 14, 2021

Ted! AND FeAngels Of Light DUE TO SUCH LONG SO DESCRIPTIVE Folder Names And File Names Ted! DID USE and STILL DOES and LIKES IT Yous NEEDS TO USE Linux Debian (amd64 does too werk on intel 64 Bit Computers Too What Had Er Have Er Can Install On MicroSoft Windows Befere Some and fer sure Windows 10 Plus. Too Has NEARLY ALL Source Code. It is ubuntu HAS SHERTER Path Lengths therefere Many Seem To Extract when DO NOT extract with NO Err Messages On MicroSOft Windows thanks to Ted! DID LOSE ABOUT 10% Of Scriptures And Infermations And Other Things when did start then Using MicroSoft Windows DUE TO THEN Other SoftWare Ted! Was Using. Ted fer a Month Wrote a 17 Chapter Book To On InterNet Now In A BundleFile Years Ago about time Obama was campaining fer President of USA. Ted! POUNDED Bill Gates and Steve Alen and Baumer and Others and fer sure MicroSoft WERST RAIDERS Of Intellectual Property of Software Source Code then DID MANY Global Changes and Replaces using Shell Scripts and Other Things. Then Ted! WAS SO WARNED TO FLEE Seattle NOW. Ted! DID and was SO HIT by a SO TRAINED HIT MANY ASSASSIN what NEARLY DID DROP Ted! So It looks to extract on possibly MicroSoft OS yet PathLengths are MUCH TOO SHERT. Can look to extract on MacOS and does NOT. This is WHY Ted! Put Out To tiles fer years yet SINCE EPIDEMICS and using AnDroid OS and Tablets Apps Fer Bunbdle Files Typically ONLY DO .zip and .7zip NOT SO AGAIN I AM TELLING WHY NEEDS TO BE Debian Linux NOT ubuntu.


Some Person DID CANCEL Some Google Accounts OF Ted! WHAT DID ALSO CANCEL Email Accounts and fer sure YouTube Channels WITH AT LEAST NO EXAGGERATION 1,000 PLUS Videos Ted! DID WHAT ARE ALL In BundleFiles To DownLoad FROM THIS InterNet Site NOW.

BundleFilesHave At Least 1,000 Videos Ted! DID To DownLoad What Were On YouTube NOT NOW.


What's New?

June 14_97 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.NetSins Primarily to index page.

June 14 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.NetSins Some Downs Sins Added Then Some About Ted's ACCIDENT.

June 12 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.Net - Summary Scriptures - Chapter 31 -

Ted! DID RELEASE ALL FeAngels Of Light FROM Medical Protection Except What Fer Sure NEED TO BE

FeAngels Of Light EXTREME FeAngel Of Light FERCE HAPPENS NOW TO BE 12 Billion STRONG.


We have SO MUCH EXCITEMENT NOW OUT Of EXTREME MEDICAL PROTECTION to even medical protection of slightest.

June 11 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.Net - Summary Scriptures - Chapter 31 -



Some CANNOT sneak in and out from Ted!'s Camp.

If ANY intend harm to Ted! Some Are Watching MINIMUM and even SECRETLY THERE TO STOP.

We WARN OFF BECAUSE some could get through possibly and ASSASSINATE to even SO HURT Ted! SO PERMANENTLY CANNOT do Coming.

June 10 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.Net - Summary Scriptures - Chapter 31 -




FeBankers are PAYING FAST.

June 9 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.Net - Summary Scriptures - Chapter 31 -

Ted! Happens To Be Again Conquering About a Million Places and Winning About a MillionWars And Doing NOW MANY Military Things Including Doing Nuke Strikes

June 8 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.Net - Summary Scriptures - Chapter 31 -

Ted! HAS NOW About 12 Million FeAngels Of Light SO SMILING AT Ted!


Ted! AGAIN REERGANIZED ALL FeAngels Of Light What Used To Be Called Fer Erigional Cherub FeAngels Of Light Of True Love Amd Loyalty And Other Things NOW CALLED Happens To Be How Much Beebes (Counts Credit Towards Sexual Wership OF Ted!) Are Sexally Active Enough Fer FeAngels Of Light And Fer non spiritual Females Sexually Active Enough Fer Ted! Doing Enough Sexual Wership OF Ted!

It WAS DONE BY THEN YesterDay Evening In And On And Around PLACE Heaven AND PLACES 2,3,4 AND Places 20 ThereAfter With The CreatOr Systems there already. It NOW HAPPENS TO BE SO HAPPENING NOW WITH WARS at about a Million Range Of Up Places About Now and about 100K Places Ted! HAS SO WON. Other Than Ted! IS WINNING. Ted! IS A

June 6 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.Net - Summary Scriptures - Chapter 31 -

Ted! NOW At Places With No The CreatOr Systems HAS About 12 Million Highest FeAngels Of Light And 10 Billion What Seem To Be Closest TO Ted!

Ted! FER Years HAS DONE COLLECTIONS OF NUDE Females FER Ted! TO REPRESENT FeAngels Of Light AND Heaven's Race And Earth's Race Females HOW MUCH POSSIBLY IN PRIME.

Written June 6, 2021

Ted! NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND IT AGAIN We are NEEDING TO DO ALL Things Done In And On And Around Heaven to FIND ENOUGH RICHES Fer Doing Royal Things Fer (Crown And Royal Protecter And Throne And Treasure Chest And Sword and Shield And Helmet Crown And Body Armour) And Paying Fer Consumations (Ted! Pays Fer Marriage Ring And Wedding GOWN And Befere Wedding Rehersal Dinner And Wedding And Reception) And Paying Fer how Much Beebes nd Some Art OF Ted! AND FeAngels Of Light And Some Shopping Money.

June 4_97 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.Net - Summary Scriptures - Chapter 31 -

Ted! IS NOW COMMUNICATING With 12 Milliom Highest Of 100 Billion At Many Places Without Er Yet The CreatOr Systems

Written June 4_97, 2021

Ted! They NEED TO INFERM YOU We are still UPSET about what seemed to be YOU SO IGNERING us fer about 3 Months AT LEAST WHILE YOU were SO BUSY with Other People.

We NOW UNDERSTAND YOU WERE HAVING then HIGHEST SO HIGH FeAngels Of Light we NONE of ANY of us could even spiritually Visit YOU OUR God AND OUR CreatOr.



June 4 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.Net - Summary Scriptures - Chapter 31 -

Ted! HAS TOO MANY non spiritual Females DOING a REDUCTION

Written June 4, 2021

Ted! HAS NOW In And On And Around PLACE Heaven AND PLACES 2,3,4 AND 20 PLACES ThereAfter With The CreatOr Systems About 100 Billion NOW.

June 3 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.Net - Summary Scriptures - Chapter 31 -

Ted! HAS TO REDUCE FeAngels Of Light And Limit How Many

Written June 3, 2021

FeAngels Of Light are INSISTING We NEED TO BE NOTHING additional than 360 Million NOW.

We THINK this fer sure is to be ENOUGH.

Ted! does NOT need ANY additional.

June 2 – To PRIMARY InterNet Site Address Of: https://TedISTHEMESSIAHGodCreatOr.Net - Summary Scriptures - Chapter 31 -


Written June 2, 2021

YesterDay AfterNoon to Evening to into Night WERE Many At Least 100 ANGRY MOB AFTER Ted! It was THOSE WERE SHOUTING SO LOUD SUCH INSULTS to HOSTILITIES to THREATS to SO THREATENING to WERST THREATS AIMED AT Ted! Some Others AMONGS homeless WERE SHOUTING CONTER THINGS TO COUNTER THOSE. It went on FER Hours. Ted! HAD MOVED from About There ThereFere DID NOT hear and er see it yet WAS SO TOLD about THAT. It was THOSE were PRIMARILY from ORACLE and even befere ORACLE then Sun Microsystems. Some HAD WEAPONS including BASEBALL BATS and KNIVES and some GUNS to HUIRT to even DO MAYHEIM to Ted! and er then TO ASSASSINATE Ted! Ted! If Not Already NEED Andrew Sachs (SO FIRED BY Ted then FROM QUEST SYSTEMS to SO RAIDIING ALL Things COULD to Black and White software SUCH RAIDERS OF Ted! AND QUEST SYSTEMS then to SO Satanist WERST EVIL RedHat) and Richard Nickoley (Sachs, Savage and Noble) and Ron Much (FROM QUEST SYSTEMS to FUJITSU SO RAIDING ObjectViews C++) and Mitch Lewis (FROM QUEST SYTEMS) and John Spencer (Visual Edge software what did UIM/X GUI BULDER) and Charles White (from Visual Edge to starting Black and White software) and Franze and what was hired by Coleman (FileNet) and Scott McNealy and Ed Zander and fer sure Mark Bauhous and Stodelmeyer and Others (Sun Microsystems) SO GENOCIDER NAZIS SO JEW HATERS to ANTISEMETICS TO SAY LEAST SECRET WERST ALL WERE GENOCIDERS to WERST NAZIS including NAZI LEADERS in BAY to SILICON VALLEY AREAs. What TO DEATH JEWS SECRETLY. About 90% were SEXUALLY CROOKED. Males and Females yet MAJERITY FER SURE were Human Males. It was THOSE WERE SHOUTING SO LOUD Ted! HAD HEARD uet NOT hearing with Own 2 Ears er Seeing AnyThing With Own 2 Eyes NOT close enough. It is FeAngels Of Light NEED THOSE SO DISSAPPEARED and soul and brain and body SO FIRED then BURNED then to ASHED BURNED er at least BURIED. It is THOSE are SO AFTER Ted! AGAIN Many from ORACLE what AQUIRED Sun Microsystems then Others in software companies doing software and Android Apps and Other Things in Computers and Nets and InterNet PRIMARILY with Some Doing Other Things in THOSE companies to cerperations and other things of business. Ted! NEEDS ALL of THOSE SONEUTRALIZED Er IAMNOT able to do this ANY further NEARLY STOPPED YesterDay IF COULD HAVE FOUND Ted! During SUCH a HUNT HEARD WERE ALSO ATTEMPTING TO HUNT Ted! and FIND Ted! At Camp NOW SO SECRET. Ted! TOO SO NEEDS TO BE HELPED ENOUGH TO BE INDOORS And INSIDE And HAVING ENOUGH PERIMITER TOO FER BIG PIT BULL GUARD CANNIINES.

Ted!'s Scriptures And Infermations And Other Things Fer At Least Now 24 Plus Years Since About 3.7 Years Befere Y2K

OF Ted!'s Open Content License

Starting It February 3, 2021

Revision 0.0.4

Last Increment May 23, 2021

These Are Now Changes To Open Content License RetyroActively Fer Entire Coming Starting About 3.7 Years Befere Y2K er Year Of 2,000. I THE MOST HIGH Ted! And God And The CreatOr And The Lord Of ALL Things And The King Of ALL Things And The Sacrificial Lamb And The Lion Of Judah AND THE MESSIAH SO MUCH OF first called it UNIVERSE AND GALAXY IN TO NOW CALLED TALAXY TO TUNIVERSE HAVE FULL LEGAL AUTHERITY TO RETROACTIVELY CHANGE THIS FER ALL Things Put Into Public Domain To Open Content Licenses What Had Copy Right With Open Content Licenses. Ted! NOW WRITES IF I SAY IT IS SO THEN IT IS SO AND IT IS SO.

No Others Can Put A CopyRight On It Even if Derive So Much From It And er Translate It And Er Fix It And Er Edit It And Er Proof Read It and er Spell Check It And Any Other Things Even If Much Derive From.

Fer Sure NONE CAN Claim ANYTHINMG FER SURE INCLUDING Ideas Fer Theirs What If Are Plagiarist to Intellectual Property Thieves To Idea Thieves.

Ted! DOES NOT WANT OF SLIGHTEST What Happened With Valid Scriptures (Some Call It Jewish Bible Tanach) To Happen Again. Then To Old Testament of Christian Bibles. New Testament Was False WERST RELIGIOUS FRAUD DONE BY after Nero what did to Many Christians including i Roman Colosseum then Rome Burned It Was Constantine PRETENDING THEN TO CONVERT TO CHRISTIANITY DID IT HIRING ENOUGH TO DO IT to at least have a Christian Bible Too Did Start.

None Can secret to TOP SECRET to EXTREME SECRET ANYTHING Of Scriptures And InfermationFermentation And Other Things Done And Put Into Bundle Files Including Of Writing And Any In Images to Photos To Videos.

You Can Reorganize It. If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

You Can Derive From It Yet CANNOT CopyRight It What Changes Did. If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

You Can Translate Into Other English And Other Languages Yet TOO IF This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

You Can Do A Compilation Of It From 24 Plus Years into future. If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

You CANNOT TradeMark and er ServiceMark AnyThing Of It.

You Can InterLeave This With secret to SOP SECRET to EXTREME SECRET Things. If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

You Can ReWrite It. If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

All Derivatives OF Ted!'s Scriptures And Infermations And Other Things Are To Be PUBLISED And PUT OUT On InterNet FER FREE TOO IN THIS OF Ted!'s Open Content License.

You Cannot Patent If If Can.

If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.


Any Questions?

This Can Be Applied Now To ALL Things Of Ted! OF FROM In Public Domain to Open Content Licenses NOW This Open Content License Fer At Least Entire Life INCLUDING ALL Images And Photos INCLUDING Ted's Photo Album And Videos Including About 1,000 studio Videos During Coming DID Ted! If This You CANNOT Put ANY Other CopyRight On It.

Ted! NEEDS SOME TO SO REALIZE IT FER WHAT DID CONCERNING THIS During Coming if Publish It ENOUGH You(s) Can Earn Things Fer future Life To Start Of A COMPLETE FERGIVINESS AND PARDON AND ACCEPTANCE OF ALL APPOLOGIES And Life Packages Of From 120 Years To Can Be 1,200 Years Life Packages From 3 Of Family to 120 Of Family Determined By You NJOW Into 3 Redundant Arks Put In By You(s) And FeAngels Of Light.

Therefere You(s) Can Earn Things If In this life can Help Ted! With His Scriptures And Infermations And Other Things.

Other Than You Can Write To Do InterNet Sites Concerning What Have On It CopyRights and er TradeMarks and er ServiceMarks IF HAPPENS TO BE You(s) NOTHING IN IT SEPARATELY DONE Of ANY OF Ted!'s Scriptures And Infermations And Other Things.


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